Added tag mips-jdk8u275-b01 for changeset 4dbed6fd3891 default tip

Merge mips-jdk8u275-b01

Added tag jdk8u275-b00 for changeset 6464ce0569e7

Added tag jdk8u272-ga for changeset 6464ce0569e7

Added tag jdk8u272-b10 for changeset 6464ce0569e7

#15054 start of release updates for Loongson OpenJDK 8.1.6

Added tag mips-jdk8u272-b10 for changeset 76a0f827e163

Merge mips-jdk8u272-b10

Added tag jdk8u272-b09 for changeset 7f60c2d9823e jdk8u272-b10 jdk8u272-ga jdk8u275-b00

Added tag jdk8u272-b08 for changeset 34c6baf21464 jdk8u272-b09

Added tag jdk8u272-b07 for changeset fec6ed779ae6 jdk8u272-b08

Added tag jdk8u272-b06 for changeset e68b51b4e55a jdk8u272-b07

8080462: Update SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11 v2.40 support jdk8u272-b06


8244151: Update MUSCLE PC/SC-Lite headers to the latest release 1.8.26

Added tag jdk8u272-b05 for changeset afbc213b114c

Added tag jdk8u272-b04 for changeset a0dd128191fd jdk8u272-b05

8177334: Update xmldsig implementation to Apache Santuario 2.1.1 jdk8u272-b04

Added tag jdk8u272-b03 for changeset fbad06cacb73

Added tag jdk8u272-b02 for changeset 1059e4b7426a jdk8u272-b03

Merge jdk8u272-b02

8154313: Generated javadoc scattered all over the place

8046274: Removing dependency on jakarta-regexp

Added tag jdk8u272-b01 for changeset 1bda51d3d528

Merge jdk8u272-b01




Added tag jdk8u272-b00 for changeset ecb485e1572c

8246384: Enable JFR by default on supported architectures for October 2020 release

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